Grobox is on a mission to support people going for wellness and growth. We help people to build the lives they want to lead through a series of bespoke and collaborative wellness and growth solutions. 


We work with people and companies using a blended suite of bespoke solutions that leverage best practice. Whether you’re looking for face-to-face solutions, telephone, or virtual ones, we flex to you.


Coaching, Training and Mindfulness

Whether you’re looking for coaching, training, or mindfulness practice, we deliver bespoke programmes that place you and your needs at the centre.


Wellness and Retreats

We blend our methods into our people-centred learning programmes and wellness retreats. All our solutions are bespoke and tailored to you, to get you thriving.


Community and Events

Join a global movement of people going for wellness and growth by signing up to the Grobox Community.  Sign up below. It’s fun, serious, and free.



P.S. Please bear with us whilst we get a fresh new look, this is a beta website under development. 

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+44(0)7525 248 933


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday
08:00 to 20:00 (GMT +01.00 BST)



London & UK: Grobox is based in London and operates all over the UK. We're often in the West Midlands too. Please feel free to get in touch, wherever you are
International: Grobox is based in London and operates globally. If you're based outside of the United Kingdom, please feel free to get in touch, wherever you are



We speak English, French, Russian, and Uzbek. Please feel free to speak the language of your choice


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